21-Day Leadership Diet Book Launches in Grand Style

Author of 21-DLD Olusola Adeyemo with MC Mekkus

Sunday 13th of December, 2015 witnessed the formal presentation and launch of the much anticipated book by Olusola Adeyemo – 21-Day Leadership Diet. The event which held at the NULGE Events Centre in Ibadan was graced with the attendance of many family and friends of the author, it was almost turning into a reunion. Olusola has been based in Abuja for some time himself, and coming home to Ibadan for the launching brought with it fond memories of growing up years.

The event started with a red-carpet welcome for guests, who also had opportunity to take pictures with the author. Subsequently, the master of Ceremony for the day, Mekkus, conducted a red-carpet interview with the author where he asked about the inspiration for the book. Sola responded that the book was timely, as there is no other time in the world that there is a great need for leaders than now. He further stated that, having experienced first hand how challenging it could be to be a leader, especially for the first time, he wanted to prepare upcoming leaders for leadership, and also provide a reference manual for those already in leadership to help them become more effective. Specifically, at the beginning of 2015, Sola had to lead a team of new leaders, and for the next 21 days he shared with them leadership tips to help them on their leadership journey. These formed the starting ingredients for what is today the “21-Day Leadership Diet” book (21-DLD).

After the red carpet interview, the launching proceeded with the introduction of the high table guests, and a special rendition by Olubukola Makinde. Bukola sang three beautiful pieces with a lovely sonorous voice to the applause of the whole audience. Subsequently, the author was introduced to present his speech. Olusola acknowledged and appreciated everyone present, gave a brief introduction to the book and its purpose and concluded with a word of gratitude to all.

          Members of the audience applaud during the event

The book was afterwards reviewed by two authors, Mr. Tosin Kolawole of Creative Studios (Africa) and Mr. Deoye Adekoya (Author of BrilliAnts). Tosin, who also wrote “The Book of M” and has travelled to numerous countries around the world for literary assignments, described 21-DLD as a masterpiece. He stated how powerful the book was and yet very simple to read, understand and apply. He also noted that the book was short and could be completed quickly but advised that assimilating and practicing its contents will take a lifetime. Deoye on his part said that the book was packed and loaded, it contents could have spilled over to 500 pages. This shows the true worth of the book, it did not go about aimlessly, but focused on what was needed to lead and do it effectively. For him, topics like “Managing Change”, The Lion and the Lamb”, “The Mirror Principle” and “Depending on God” stood out.

On arrival, the Chairman of the occasion – Barrister Remi Akintoye spoke on Leadership as influence, and he stressed the need for more people to lead effectively. He subsequently kicked off the launching, members of the high table followed and then the general audience. In his vote of thanks remarks, the author appreciated everyone for coming, expressed his desire to see the book in the hands of every aspiring young leaders and wished everyone well for the end of the year.

The event ended with exchange of pleasantries, further red carpet moments, autographs by the author and refreshments for all guests. In his response, Iyke who created the illustrations in
the book said, ” this is a great moment, i never saw the work this big when we started it, congrats to Olusola Adeyemo”.

The 21-Day Leadership Diet book is available on amazon.com as e-version. The paperback is also available nationwide in Nigeria. International distributors or right holders are invited to contact the author via email at olusolaadeyemo@gmail.com or through phone on +2347030367437. Olusola is also available for talks, interviews, shows and presentations.

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