Managing Change – Excerpt from 21-DLD

One of the most challenging things for anyone to do, and most especially leaders, is to manage change. Even the best of plans will not always go exactly the way expected, one thing or the other could go wrong: a resource not available, a personnel absent, delays, weather changes, insufficient funds, new introductions and so on. Indeed the only constant in life is change and managing it then becomes a necessity for a leader.

Leaders most times find themselves having to handle or manage change situations; it is part of what makes them leaders. Those who are not leaders quickly panic at the sight of anything contrary to plan, but as one of my favourite sayings go:

“Suddenly is part of the fight”

This means that being caught unawares is not a tenable excuse in leadership. Like the boy’s scout motto, you have to be prepared always.

To manage change effectively, you need to be able to keep your head even when others are losing theirs; manage your emotions, appraise the particular change situation quickly, generate alternative options and ideas. Even if no plans B, C or D were available on ground, draw on your resourcefulness and give instructions to steer your team in the right directions in order to overcome the challenges of the change situation.

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