Leading The New Year

I want to welcome you to 2017. As it is usual, I know a lot of people have goals, dreams, aspirations and resolutions for the year already. When a new year starts like this, it is an opportunity to start afresh, it is like a child that is being given a new slate to write on, a clean sheet to start all over again. While in reality, “we do not start all over again” because life is progressive, a new year always gives a new opportunity to regroup and relaunch. The calendar system means that the world is already structured to help individuals start a new year with new goals and targets. Organizations mostly do an annual performance review to enable their employees assess performance in the previous year and set new objectives for the new year. Those who did well in the previous year are most likely rewarded, while those who did not look ahead to a better year.

So as we start 2017, what is the year going to look like for you? I have had the opportunity to take some time out before resuming work this year to have a personal retreat, set goals for the year, and pray over the goals. I have filled my spirit and my mind with the faith and courage needed to succeed this year. I have decided that the year will be an outstanding one with great results beyond what has been seen in previous years. The year is going to have its bends and turns, but we could all be prepared in our hearts for whatever it holds.

I want to challenge you to make a decision to lead your year in 2017, grab the year by the scruff of its neck. Leading your year means that you take initiative and responsibility for your eventuality in 2017. Don’t wonder where your year has gone, decide where it is going. Make deliberate efforts to work on goals that you have set, give your time, energy and attention to them, avoid distractions. Structure your life, your environment, your time this year around the achievements of the goals and plans that you have written down. Regularly review these goals as you go along. Also remember that the nature of time is such that if you don’t know how to spend your time other people will help you spend it. So, look at your time calendar this year, how do you spend your day, your week, your month? Could you account for each moment?

When challenges comes as they sure will, never give up, soldier on! You will soon find out that the challenges are stepping stones to the next level on your journey to greatness. Always remember that “no” is not always a final answer, when you try again “no” could turn to “yes”. The doors open for those who will persistently knock, put yourself out there, do what you have never done before, go for it don’t wait for it, go take it!

I wish you the best year ever, so go ahead, lead it!

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