Leading with Love

It is February 14! Yayy!!! It is valentine’s day – a day symbolic for the expression of love. Though a lot of the love is now focused on romantic and sexual love, we all know that love is more than the “chemical reactions” between a man and a woman. Love has many dimensions to it, as well as many expressions. Love could be as sweet as an ice cream or as bitter as a very much needed discipline. In the long run, the true judgement of love will be from the heart and motives of such heart. So what does leadership have to do with love and what does love have to do with leadership?

It is very much possible to lead without loving but the best leaders have a way of touching the very depths of the hearts of their followers, it is this special touch that endears them to their followers and makes the followers willing to go any length for them. The greatest love is one that is willingValdayto sacrifice and die for the one loved, and most times when this happens, the followers too become willing to die for their leader. The greatest example of this is Jesus – he laid down his life for disciples that were not fully sure of his claims, denied him and abandoned him during his deepest time of need. However, these same disciples later understood the love of their master, they pledged their lives to him forever and were wiling to die for the vision and cause that has now been ingrained in them.

The world needs leaders that have a heart of love. For followers to learn, grow and reach the height of performance that most leaders desire, a lot of patience and encouragement is required, and this is only possible for one who loves. As a leader, you will get to points when you feel like giving up on one of your team members, when you feel like doing the task yourself, when you feel like wielding the axe of severance, but with a heart that trusts, believes all things and hopes all things, you keep on hoping against hope till you gradually see the change you desire in your team.

The vision requires men, the leader alone will not be able to carry all the load. Men in turn are in different phases of life, there are those who are diamonds but still in the rough, the learning curve is steep for some but with patience they will get there. Are you going to extend your heart of love to see this happen? Will you exercise some patience with your team? Will you love them until death? A day is coming when they will become capable of reciprocating, they will cast their minds back, and appreciate the love with you had first loved them – and when that happens you will indeed be thankful for the power of love with which the transformation and growth you now see has been made possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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