The Leadership Attitude

There is something basic that I sense distinguishes leaders from those who are not, it is their attitude. Leadership is not about the title, it is not about the position, it is about the mentality. A lot of people are already in a state of mind that reveals lethargy and hopelessness, but leaders think different. While faced with the same situation and challenges that others face, they think differently and act differently about the situations.

Leaders always believe and act with a strong confidence that there is a way out in every situation. The ordinary mind will “turn back and go home” when they meet a mountain or a sea en-route their journey to their goals, but not leaders. LeGoaladers will pause, look around, try and find a way. They will ask questions – “what are the possibilities, what are my options? They will either swim across, make a boat or call for help-anything to get across the sea. They will possibly climb the mountain, go round it, or tunnel through it – anything to get beyond.

What is your attitude to┬áchallenges? A lot is revealed about you and your leadership potential from the way you handle challenges. You are qualified to lead partly because of the solutions and hope you provide, especially in situations where others could not see a way. If you build the habit of finding solutions, an attitude that never gives up, a personality that inspires, you will stand out from the crowd, you will become automatically labelled as a leader figure – someone that could be followed because you forge a way, you have a sense of direction, and no obstacle on your way or the way of your team is able to stop you from achieving the goals you have set out to achieve. Develop and build the leadership attitude, when you do you guarantee your success.

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